Earth Day

IUntitled-1 think it is fair to assume that most coffee shop goers are guilty of taking their coffees to go in paper cups. I know I have used my fair share of disposable cups over the years and with Earth Day approaching it got me thinking about ways The Bakery can work towards being more kind to our beautiful Mother Earth.

For years we have tried to entice customers to bring in their own mug by offering a card stamp program. Buy ten of your desired beverage using your own mug and we will treat you to a free eleventh drink. While some customers take full advantage of this program, sadly the majority do not.

What is it about the elusive travel mug?
Why don’t people want to join the movement in trying to create less waste?


I really believe that most people would be on board with reusable mugs if they were able to remember to bring them. Of course there will be a few who don’t conform and that’s okay.

This Earth Day we are rewarding our travel mug users with free drip coffee all day long.

A thank you for keeping our landfills a little less full. Every little bit counts.

Happy Earth Day!

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