‘Tis Almost the Season


Believe it or not it’s
already the month of November

we are hard at work in The Bakery preparing like little elves for the holiday season. Come mid November we will be rolling out an additional half dozen cookie types as well as multiple other items. When I say rolling out I quite literally mean it. Christmas cookie baking involves a ton of dough rolling. Between vegan gingerbread people and multiple flavours of shortbread we have our hands and table tops full of dough.

To make the most of this beautiful time of year we will be decorating the shop after Remembrance Day and building our cookie displays. Along with cookies we will also be making chocolate bark, mincemeat tarts and pumpkin pies.

There is a saying that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well why not treat someone to some holiday baking this year. Slip a package in the mailbox for the postman or leave some on your child’s teachers desk.

Better yet treat yourself to a buttery shortbread cookie and a cup of tea.

With all the holiday planning you’ll need it!

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