In Honour of Dad’s

Strong, intelligent, generous and caring.

FathersDayThose characteristics only begin to describe the fathers I know and that are a part of my life. Whether it be my own father, my son’s father, or any other men that take on the task of raising little boys and girls, the pillar of strength it represents is integral to a child’s growth. The type of play and the lessons taught are truly unique to the role of the father. I know my son will learn things from his dad that I will never be able to replicate. I also know that the lessons I learned from my own dad are ones that I hold near and dear.

After celebrating my first Mother’s Day last month and being treated to an amazing and thoughtful day I now have the opportunity to celebrate my husband and all he does for our son. My own dad for the on-going love he gives me and my father-in-law who lends me support in my life and endeavours will also be celebrated as no matter how old we get we never forget our own moms and dads.

This June we will be offering a new product in honour of all the Dad’s. It’s a little sweet and a little salty, a nice blend of sophisticated flavours that are sure to impress. The item is called The Pearl and it is a blend of blueberries, soft goat cheese and fresh basil. It’s a hit with my family so why not take some home to share with yours.

Happy Father’s Day!

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